Friday, October 10, 2014

Success stories series: 6/7 - Investor evaluation (Private Judging & People’s Choice Award)

It's been an incredible ride validating Ranktab's value with key early adopters. We are excited to share our first series of success stories with our followers, here is our sixth case in a series of 7, we hope you like it, and if you do please share!

Case Study: Investor evaluation (Private Judging & People’sChoice Award)

Organization profile – The first Lean Startup certified accelerator in Latin America, focused on creating high-growth successful businesses. The accelerator is part of the largest private university in Mexico, creating a unique ecosystem and resources for accelerated teams.
  • 21 week program.
  • 750+ accelerated startups.
  • Over 30 mentors and coaches.
Business situation – The accelerator’s main event is the yearly demo-day for accelerated companies. In the event, qualified investors evaluate startups using pen and paper, and if interested they approach startups after the pitching event. The process of documenting the judges’ feedback and event winner was very time-consuming.

Decision Making challenge – 19 projects, 12 high-profile investors, 5-minute pitches and only 2 hours for the complete event, including the winners announcement.

Solution – Using Ranktab’s Public Platform (open for the audience) and Private Suite (for judges), the event’s logistics reduced from a 2-day span into instant results. Our mobile interface allowed external participation using mobile devices with no app installation.

Benefits – Instant results and ease-of-use in an environment-friendly solution helped the event organizers speed up their demo-day. Accessibility and open voting enabled a People’s Choice Award, while keeping access private for the official judging of certified investors.

Services used -
  • Ranktab’s Private Suite
  • Ranktab’s Public Platform 
  • Mobile Webapp
  • Instant Results Display

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