Friday, April 11, 2014

Multi voting tools and the end of Excel

When it comes to making decisions in your small business, brainstorming for ideas is a common solution. The collective intelligence of your staff is able to come up with many more solutions than any individual, and crowdsourcing decision making relieves any single person from the pressure of coming up with innovative new solutions. However, brainstorming can generate a lot of solutions that must be considered, sorted and ultimately decided upon, and this can quickly get unwieldy.

For that reason, several methods of gathering and analyzing this data can be implemented. One of the most elegant solutions is multi-voting. Essentially, all of the ideas are collected into one document, and everyone votes on the best solution. After votes are taken, they're tallied. The winning idea is then implemented.

While the multi-voting system can work well, some methods of tracking votes and collecting information are more effective than others. A basic Excel spreadsheet can be used, but it takes time to set up and manage. Every item must be manually input and assigned a number or letter designation. Votes must be manually entered and tallied. The resulting information is a jumble of data that must be analyzed; it's not easily shared or intuitive to understand.

A more efficient solution might be visualization software, which gathers and analyzes data in a visual manner that can be instantly assessed and shared. Converting data into a visual format makes it much easier to share results with a team, and a dedicated multi-voting software is far superior to simple Excel.

Ranktab is one such visualization program that can be put to use in your business. When crowdsourcing decision making, anything that can streamline the process is a valuable investment.
Priorities | Ranktab - Collaborative Decision Mapping and Microsharing
By utilizing software that can gather, track and analyze information from all of your staff, you can arrive at decisions that tap into the team's collective intelligence without draining your own valuable resources of time and energy.